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how Published on July 01,2017 | Written by : Andy's Blog

How To Go From Below
Average,To A Big-Ass
Viking Dick!

What A Big Fucking Dick!!” … That’s what she said when I whipped that shit out!... I then proceeded to fuck the shit out of her for all of those times she’d been a total bitch to me.

She was my old college girlfriend. The girl of my dreams! We’ll call her “Samantha”. It was about 3 weeks ago, I was at a pub I used to frequent back during my college days.

I was feeling more confident and better than ever. Why? Because two weeks before this night, my boy, Ron, gave me some badass pills he took that turned him into a “Pussy Pummeling Machine” (as he put it).

The pills are an all-natural, organic supplement called Long & Strong. These crazy little pills not only gave me more girth, and length, it actually gave me the stamina of a marathon runner!

I scoped out the place, looking for some fresh-new-ass to take back to the dragon’s lair (aka my apartment) …

As I approached the bar, I noticed a hot chick standing there in skin tight jeans and a halter top… But, I couldn’t see her face. And even though she had an incredible ass, I couldn’t risk approaching a potential butterface…

So, I walked up to the bar and ordered my regular double shot of whiskey… I turned to the side to get a quick glimpse of her face and couldn’t believe my eyes! “Sam, is that you?” I unknowingly asked.

“Andy!! Get the fuck out! I haven’t seen you in forever!” she confirmed. She continued to babble on for the next minute or two, but all I could think about was how damn good she looked. And fucking her. I thought about fucking her too.

And then she said something that brought me back to earth. She mentioned her friend, Britany. You see, I wasn’t born blessed with a big porno penis. My shit was actually a little less than average... Fuck it, since we’re being truthful, my dick was tiny. Like a toddler.

Back in school Sam told Britany about my small size, and about my premature ejaculation… Then Britany, the bitch, decided to tell the whole fucking school!!

It was hell. People would make slick comments in my presence... Groups of girls would walk by me on campus and burst out laughing as soon as they passed. It seemed like everybody had an inside joke at my expense… I felt like the whole school knew about my problem. I felt like shit.

Long story short; I bought Sam drinks all night and got her as drunk as a sailor at an open bar wedding reception. I found out she’d caught an Uber there, so told her I’d take her home after. To be “safe”.

2 a.m. came around and it was time to leave. I told her I needed to stop by my place and get my “driving glasses” before I took her home. I only lived a few blocks away so it sounded believable.

When we got there, I told her she should probably come in, take an aspirin and drink some water to avoid getting a hangover; while I try to find my glasses... Hey man, I had to find some way to get this chick in my house…

After a few minutes, we started flirting, then talking about the good old times, then kissing… Next thing I knew she was nude and I was down to my boxers.

When I pulled my boxers down I heard, “What a big fucking dick!! That’s what she said when I whipped that shit out! Where the hell did that thing come from?” she asked…

She had no idea I’d been taking Long & Strong which gives me added girth, thickness and stamina… “Just shut up and put it in your mouth”, I said devilishly!

She blew my 8-inch man muscle like a hot cup of coffee. Then I threw her on my bed, pushed her ankles toward her face and preceded to bang her so hard, the headboard made a crack in the drywall behind my bed.

We fucked all night like rabbits, and I took her home the following morning. I haven’t hooked up with her since then (because I’ve been too busy banging other girls). But ever since that night, she’s been sweating me like a jogging suit!

I can’t believe it. The same girl who dumped me for a football player because my dick was too little, it now all over me like new clothes. And it’s all thanks to Long & Strong!

This kickass dick swelling pill has took me from being a sexual joke to being a total pussy punisher! It might sound weird but, I think women can sense when you’re a beast in bed… Because all of a sudden, I’m getting more pussy than an overbooked gynecologist. And I love it!

After my friend, Ron, found out about my new-found love life, he started getting stingy with the pills… No one wants competition I guess...

Luckily, I went to the company’s official website and ordered a full supply of my very own. That way I’m sure never to risk running out, or having my dick shrivel up like a little raison, and having chicks make fun of my semi-hard little pecker again.

I like the confident, new and improved me. And all the girls I’m nailing seem to like it too! I can’t say enough good things about Long & Strong.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with this company. I am just a regular guy, giving his honest to goodness testimonial about a product that worked magic on my midsection.

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Great testomny dude thx
6 minutes ago | Comment
It's funny, my brother told me the other day that it took some 3 weeks ago and was very happy with the result.
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It's awesome ! Ill order some for my bf
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I take this maleperf since 2 weeks and I can guarantee that the effect is impressive. It's crazy how fast it works!
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Hello, I ordered a pack for my boyfriend and I cannot wait to receive it !!
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I also want to give my testimony. All is true!
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Thank you for the tip. I got a free pack for my boyfriend. Lol it's a miracle. His erections are huge and super long lasting ...
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lol the girl who discovers she lost the perfect "friends with benefits". dude continues like this I love your blog
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I ordered a box and I assure you it is fully functional. I had some problems in bed but Everything is fine now! Thank you!
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I have heard about these pills too. It works and it is quite cheap even without the first trial pack.
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My girlfriend loves ... She asked me what was happening, she thought it was her dildo!
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How much does it cost for a secon dpack after the free one?
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I ve heard of these pills ... My husband used them for a while ... he fucks me deeply now, I love being his bitch ;)
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These pills are great. They work instantly. It's just perfect.
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That's interesting.
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Maybe I should order some for my husband. I've heard about it, but after all these positive feedbacks, I think I'll buy now ... CANT WAIT ;)
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